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Track and switch broom with polypropylene bristles

Track and Switch Brooms

Order our track and switch brooms with polypropylene bristles online now below. 

Track and Switch Brooms (Box of 12)  

Track and Switch Brooms with Chisel Point (Box of 12)

Features of our track and switch brooms include:

  • Metal caps:  Modern presses assemble caps under tons of pressure to take the hammering required of the track and switch broom in service. Baked finish, inside and out, prevents rust. No loose handles or fiber fallout.
  • Bonding: Polypropylene bristle fibers are heat-fused by a new process into one integral unit to prevent fiber fallout. Fiber unit is locked in place into caps by steel, zinc-plated rivets.
  • Band and “C” hooks: Stiff sweeping action is produced by a galvanized wire band clinched securely in place with “C” hooks.
  • Handle and protector: Steel sleeve protects straight-grained, quality ash hardwood handle against abrasion and handle wear. Extended service life reduces track maintenance costs because sleeve, fibers and cap are riveted into one rugged unit.
  • Fiber: Polypropylene bristles resist acids, alkalis, oils and most chemicals. Will not become brittle in temperatures as low as -70°F (-56.6°C). Performs perfectly in temperatures up to 225°F (107°C).
  • Ice chopper (on model with chisel point): Drop-forged and hardened steel chisel with sharp ground edge. Tang rounded to prevent splitting and spread shock of impact. Flashing on tang prevents rotation, sets chisel firmly in handle. Tapered steel ferrule eliminates protrusion that may damage track equipment.


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