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Foam dust suppressants with Dust Buster Foam Agents

Foam Dust Suppressants

The Dust-Buster® family of efficient, environmentally friendly foaming dust suppressants can solve your most difficult dust problems in almost every industry.

Why Dust-Buster foam agents?
Dust-Buster foam agents are unique because the highly efficient foam is injected directly into the impact areas of crushers, screens and transfer points. The foam then smothers, captures and collects airborne dust. The result is extremely effective dust emission control.

The Dust-Buster line of products

  • CDS-10 Dust Suppressant:  Surfactant for use in water spray dust suppressant systems, greatly increasing the efficiency of particulate capture
  • CDS-80 Foam Dust Suppressant and CDS-8040 Foam Dust Suppressant: Specifically formulated for use at crushers, transfer points, stack out areas and reclaim areas
  • RDC-8020 Residual Dust Suppressant:  Foam dust suppressant designed for use in material handling and processing systems at mines, aggregate plants, utilities and coke plants. Unlike conventional dust suppressants, which control dust at a point source, RDC 8020 possesses a residual effect. It not only reduces dusting at point of application, but throughout downstream operations as well.
  • RD-8051-C Residual Dust Suppressant: Dust suppressant designed for use in material handling and processing systems at coal mines, coal-fired utilities and coke plants
  • SDC-12000 Foaming Suppressant for Shredders:  Foam-generating product specifically formulated for use in automobile shredders and similar process systems. It minimizes and controls blue smoke dust and explosions.

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    Dust control management systems that accurately apply foam for optimum dust suppression during transfer, crushing, and other processes.

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