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Glidex is a track lubricant and track switch agent

Track Lubricant and Rail Traction Agent




Midwest’s track lubricant, Glidex® track switch agent, is used for lubrication of railroad switches, slide plates, throw rods, movable bridges, overhead crane rails, couplers and more.  Glidex synthetic track lubricant is non-flammable, non-corrosive, safe to use and provides long-term effectiveness. Glidex is not water soluble and therefore cannot be washed away by rainfall or melting snow. Glidex is a specially formulated synthetic track lubricant that is quite fluid, yet remains in place once it becomes "static." This "flowability" enables Glidex to be easily applied by brushing, pouring, or spraying with a handsprayer. The treated surface is environmentally friendly and will not stain surrounding surface areas. It provides an adherent barrier that will keep metal components continuously lubricated and offers protection as a track switch agent against mild ice formation. Dust and dirt will not build-up onto the treated areas and it will not "harden" with age. This synthetic lubricant is ideal protection during wet weather or in inherently wet locations with poor drainage. Glidex is a better track switch agent lubricant than other methods such as oil and liquid graphite because it stays on switches much longer. Depending on how often switches are used, a Glidex treated train switch can operate from one week to months before another treatment. Other lubricants, oils or greases need more frequent applications requiring crews to reapply lubricants more often. In addition, other methods of track switch agents need to be diluted.   ORDER ONLINE Watch the Glidex video.

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