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Dust control service programs

Dust Control Service Program

There is just so much dust that is “okay,” if a utility or other business is to be in compliance with regulations set forth by the Clean Air Act and other regulations mandated by state, municipal and local government agencies. Above a given level, you’re dealing with bad dust – the kind that leads to non-compliance fines, health issues, higher maintenance costs, health concerns and other problems.

When you opt for a Midwest Dust Control Service Program, Midwest will:

  • Establish, monitor and maintain a prescribed-and-agreed-upon dust level over the course of a contract
  • Reduce the strain put on internal resources when implementing and managing a dust control program is handled in-house
  • Agree on a fixed annual expense that can be billed in equal monthly payments
  • Be on call around the clock, seven days a week
  • Give you one single point of contact, a dedicated customer service provider who will know the areas that require treatment and provide unrivalled customer service

One size does not fit all
You accrue other benefits through Midwest’s Dust Control Service Programs as well. Because we become so familiar with your site through different seasons and weather conditions we are able to respond to site-specific conditions. This enables us to continue improving your dust control program and ensure compliance throughout a contract’s lifecycle.




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