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Soil stabilization and custom engineered solutions

Engineered Solutions™

Always motivated by a tough challenge, Midwest is at the forefront of creating custom-engineered soil stabilization solutions. Like doctors narrowing in on a diagnosis so they can apply the right cure, Midwest:

  • Surveys your site to detail current operating, air and marginal soils conditions
  • Tests to determine exactly what will be needed to meet your requirements
  • Completes an economic and life cycle economic analysis

Only then do we make a recommendation about how to achieve optimal soil stabilization, but not before collaborating with you to capitalize on your knowledge about specific goals and prevailing conditions.

The bottom line
The products that go into Midwest’s engineered solutions have been put to the test in our lab, by independent third parties and in the field. Compare them with any others in the market, and we think you’ll agree with the routine assessment that Midwest’s individual products and the engineered solutions created with them:

  • Perform better
  • Produce the desired effects
  • Give you more peace of mind than other solutions
  • Have the most positive impact on your bottom line.

We haven’t yet faced a challenge we couldn’t resolve, and we strive, always, to deliver the best customer service while we are doing it.

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