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soil stabilization

Soil and road stabilization products and services

Soil Stabilization Products and Services

Improving County & Township Roads

A reconstructed township road with SF2 advanced stabilization alternative

Stabilization of Township Rd to Ingress & Egress for Oil & Gas Drilling Activity


Midwest Industrial Supply's "SF2" soil stabilization process applied to unpaved roads

The key to stabilizing roadways, building pads, paths, trails and marginal soils is increasing the structural strength and loading capacity (CBR) of surfaces and sub-grades.

Midwest’s soil stabilization products save you valuable time and money because they work with in-place soils, eliminating the increased costs and waiting times associated with long-haul transporting of aggregates to remote sites. With diesel fuel costs on the rise and aggregate availability on the wane, Midwest’s soil stabilization products and application methodology will get your job done effectively and extend surface life. This holds true whether they are applied topically or to a greater depth during reconstruction.

All the engineered solutions Midwest employs for sub-grade stabilization and compaction have been certified and proven to stand up to the test of time by independent third parties, our own lab, and in the field.

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