Dust Control

Dust control products have been the cornerstone of Midwest’s business since 1975. Our history, experience and success in suppressing dust has enabled us to develop, manufacture, and implement solutions and programs that solve our customers’ problems, regardless of how simple or complex.

You have unique circumstances and requirements to consider as you develop a plan to control dust, improve operations, and comply with air and water quality regulations. Over the past 40 years, Midwest has been the industry leader in the development of innovative and effective products for use in dust control programs. Each dust control product is designed to solve a specific dust problem for either the short term, an annual program, or for years. We design a custom solution to meet your operational and economic requirements, the dust control duration needed, activity and/or traffic, and all other conditions that will boost productivity across your site, lower maintenance costs, improve worker safety, and ensure environmental compliance.

Dust control products certified environmentally safe

Our environmentally friendly industrial dust control products dramatically outperform other methods both in terms of cost and man-hours dedicated to maintenance. They also are safe, reliable and effective and have been rigorously tested and certified by independent agencies such as the US EPA Environmental Verification Program, the Canadian Environmental Verification Program, the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ), Boeing, and many more.

Midwest’s proven dust control solutions:

Dust Control Applications

Midwest’s proven dust control products and solutions are employed for industrial facility dust control, county and township gravel roads, storage pile dust control, in-transit cartopping, material handling and many other applications, solving even the most stubborn dust control problems.

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Products & Services

  • Road and Surface
  • Material Handling
  • Sealants

Midwest‘s road and surface dust control programs with certified and proven solutions will, actively conserve water, maintain a consistent level of dust control and improve your road and surface areas.

For all your material handling needs, Midwest has a portfolio of proven products specifically designed for your application.



From sealing ash and tailings ponds, coal piles and bunkers to sealing railcars for in-transit dust control, Midwest has the solution with our proven and approved products.



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