Haul Road Dust Control and Dust Suppression

Haul road dust presents all kinds of problems for mines and miners alike—from accelerated tire wear to reduced traction in wet environments. Those relying exclusively on water for haul road dust suppression know that supplies can be scarce and prohibitive, that PM10 and PM2.5 emissions are dangerous to both health and safety, and that the absence of effective haul road dust control can let potholes and wash boarding run amok.

Midwest’s proven and certified haul road dust suppression products promise to reduce dust, improve haul road surfaces, reduce watering and grading, and extend tire life, not to mention keeping employees healthy and productive. And this ties into our larger guarantee: dramatic performance improvement in the short term and significant cost savings in the longer term.

Dust Control

Where there are unpaved haul roads adjacent to hard rock open-pit mining sites, there is dust that causes issues of health, safety, and community discontent. Midwest’s turnkey solution eliminates the need for time-consuming and frequent watering and also prevents surface deterioration, potholes, washboarding, and raveling.


  • Maintains compliance with PM10 and PM2.5 requirements
  • Prevents potholes and washboarding
  • Will not contaminate groundwater with volatile or semi-volatile organic compounds
  • Will not increase BOD or COD levels

Products and Services

Fines Preservation®

Midwest’s proven Fines Preservation Program goes beyond simple dust control. Our binder-enhanced synthetic fluid “keeps the road on the road,” preventing particles (also known as fines) from escaping as fugitive dust. Our program also increases CBR, decreases maintenance frequency, and lowers the life-cycle cost of maintaining haul roads. Fines Preservation is the antidote to the dust, potholes, washboarding, and liabilities that all appear on stressed unpaved haul roads leading to hard-rock open pit mines.


  • Non-toxic: Will not taint water supply or soil on nearby residents’ properties
  • Reduces roadway life cycle costs by 50%
  • Raises CBR for pavement-like strength and a smooth, long-lasting surface
  • Reduces dust by 80% for up to four years
  • Keeps you in compliance with PM10 and PM2.5 requirements

Products and Services

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