Quarry Haul Road Dust Control and Maintenance

Haul road dust presents all kinds of problems for quarry-sized truck operators. Not only can dust be a nuisance and raise health concerns, but surface deterioration can create unnecessary wear and tear on tires and the trucks that travel on them. Simply put, a dust-free quarry saves on maintenance costs and results in safer working conditions.

Midwest’s proven and certified haul road dust suppression products promise to reduce dust, improve haul road surfaces, reduce watering and grading, and extend tire life. We are widely recognized for our ability to eliminate these problems and keep haul roads—and those who maintain and use them—at maximum productivity.

Dust Control

Where there are unpaved haul roads running adjacent to quarries, there is dust that causes issues of health, safety, and community discontent. Midwest’s turnkey solution eliminates the need for time-consuming and frequent watering and also prevents surface deterioration, potholes, washboarding, and raveling.


  • Maintains compliance with Clean Air Act's PM10 and PM2.5 requirements
  • Improves stormwater runoff quality
  • Does not contaminate groundwater with volatile organic compounds, semi-volatiles, or heavy metals
  • Will not increase BOD or COD levels

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