Mine Tailings

Stronger and more environmentally sound than other sealing methods, Midwest’s certified and proven sealants prevent PM10 and PM2.5 dust particles from escaping mine tailings at open-pit mines during both winter freezes and dry summer months. These conditions can cause serious health risks, as well as major issues for mine managers operating in an increasingly stringent regulatory environment. In winter, mine tailings can freeze dry, allowing fugitive PM10 and PM2.5 dust and toxic coal ash to escape into the air. In non-freezing conditions, stormwater runoff polluted with hazardous content can produce unsafe working conditions and prevent mines from meeting government-mandated environmental standards.

Sealing mine tailings is the only practical way of stopping these fine particles from escaping the surface, creating dust, and contaminating stormwater runoff. Midwest offers a range of solutions to these issues which ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate health risks for tailing site workers and nearby residents.


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