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Effective road dust control is the best way to minimize dust emissions and maximize health and safety, all while saving money over the long term. Those relying exclusively on water to control industrial road dust emissions know that supplies can be scarce and prohibitive. Furthermore, uncontrolled fugitive PM10 and PM2.5 emissions present immediate dangers to the health of workers and nearby residents alike.

With Midwest behind you, you can take on roadway hazards like wash boarding and potholes while reducing grader usage by up to 90 percent. The surface toughness resists the tendency of dirt and gravel roads to form washboarding or ribbing and, therefore, require less frequent ongoing grading or even none at all. That means the savings in time and money provided by Midwest’s solutions continue well into the long term.

Dust Control

Those relying exclusively on water to control industrial road dust emissions know that supplies can be scarce and prohibitively expensive. Midwest’s dust suppressant is not only the water-free antidote to uncontrolled, fugitive PM10 and PM2.5 emissions, but also prevents potholing and washboarding while reducing wear and tear on your equipment.


  • Reduces grader usage by up to 90%
  • Complies with the Clean Air Act and other regulatory requirements
  • Reduces equipment wear and tear
  • Improves relationships with nearby commercial and residential communities
  • Provides an effective and economical alternative to asphalt and concrete

Products and Services

Fines Preservation

Midwest’s proven Fines Preservation Program keeps the road in as-built condition and provides the antidote to the dust, potholes, washboarding, and liabilities that result from the stress placed on unpaved roads into and away from oil and gas exploration and production activities. Our binder-enhanced synthetic fluid “keeps the road on the road,” preventing particles (also known as fines) from escaping as fugitive dust. Our program also increases CBR, decreases maintenance frequency, and lowers the life-cycle cost of maintaining unpaved roads.


  • Non-toxic: Will not taint water supply or soil on nearby residents’ properties
  • Reduces roadway life cycle costs by 50%
  • Raises CBR for pavement-like strength and a smooth, long-lasting surface
  • Reduces dust by 80% for up to four years
  • Keeps you in compliance with PM10 and PM2.5 requirements

Products and Services

Full Depth Reclamation & Stabilization

You can increase CBR by 80 percent in 48 hours and by up to 500 percent with traffic and surface maturation, even on marginal soils that cannot stand up to the traffic and weight loads that an unpaved road servicing gas and oil exploration and production activity typically bears. Midwest’s six-inch, full-depth reclamation and stabilization process lasts for the full lifecycle of an unpaved road and offers a cost-effective alternative to the 12- or 18-inch reclamation traditionally required when working only to a six-inch depth.


  • Water-resistant
  • Unsusceptible to freeze-thaw damage
  • Can be installed at any temperature
  • Doesn't cure, so there's no risk of breaking
  • Less maintenance required, which means lower life-cycle costs
  • Accommodates aggregate, chip-seal, or asphalt surfaces

Products and Services

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