Environmentally safe solutions for dust control, soil stabilization, surface management, anti-icing and rail lubrication.

Midwest Expertise

  • Dust Control

    We tailor our dust control programs to the requirements of each project. Our solutions combine our patented products and technologies with the application expertise we’ve developed over 40 years in business to achieve incredible results that fit your budget.

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  • Soil Stabilization & Natural Paving

    Midwest delivers stabilized surfaces that improve CBR at only a fraction of the cost of traditional stabilization techniques.

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  • Rail Lubrication

    Our patented synthetic fluid technology was co-developed with NASA and provides a long-lasting solution to your rail lubrication needs. Our products can even be applied at -40°F!

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  • Anti-icing and Deicing

    Whether you’re anticipating a storm or dealing with its aftermath, we have the expertise and patented technologies to help you keep things moving through the harshest winters.

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