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Green paving solutions and road stabilization

Natural Paving and Road Stabilization

Green-paved roads that perform as well as asphalt at a fraction of
the cost

Potholes, ruts, uneven surfaces, dust. These conditions often found on unpaved roads are hard on vehicles and people and can also be harsh on the environment.

Midwest’s Road-Bldr construction and maintenance process uses in-place soils in conjunction with our green products to create natural looking, dust-free roadways. We stabilize a roadway’s sub-base and then provide a chip-seal running surface without relying on any asphaltic products. Roads built or stabilized via Midwest’s Road-Bldr system perform as well as conventional asphalt surfaces for a lower cost per mile.

The Eco-Pave™ family of products, the foundation of Midwest’s Road-Bldr system, are formulated to be as gentle on the environment as they are effective on the roadway. Like all Midwest products and services, EcoPave is reliably consistent and consistently reliable month to month, season to season, and year to year.

The Road-Bldr Program at a glance

  • Improves long-term performance of un-surfaced and surfaced roads
  • Uses native in-place soils wherever possible
  • Increases the structural integrity and CBR
  • Creates or restores a smooth, skid-resistant running surface
  • Offers a cost-effective alternative to asphalt surfaces

Comparison Chart

Road-Bldr, a superior process

Road-Bldr is a single or two-part process that dramatically improves secondary roadways via stabilization alone or stabilization followed by a chip-seal surface treatment.

Stabilization with Eco-Pave Base™

Midwest blends Eco-Pave Base its proprietary polymer-enhanced, resin-based organic emulsion, into the existing base of native soils, gravel roads, or recycled roadway surface materials to create a superior structure that maximizes potential road strength and extends the useful life of a road bed. The process eliminates the need to import costly base or aggregate materials to build a sub-base for subsequent paving or chip sealing.

Midwest’s stabilization process will:

  • Increase loading capacity (CBR)
  • Create a barrier to reduce harmful moisture penetration
  • Deliver a stronger, longer- lasting road surface at a lower cost than conventional road design

Chip sealing with Eco-Pave Chip™

For those who desire a chip-sealed road surface, Eco-Pave Chip – a powerful binder covered with an aggregate – delivers a natural, warm, visually-pleasing running surface.

Midwest’s chip-sealing process:

  • Results in surfaces with excellent skid resistance
  • Creates or restores a smooth running surface on deteriorated surfaces
  • Can be installed over a wider range of temperatures compared to asphalt chip

Conventional chip seal binders are made of liquid asphalt, which must be heated during application and turns into a black heat-absorbing road surface. The necessary surface sweeping results in the loss of up to 20 percent of the chips installed. The Eco-Pave-based Road-Bldr system, which uses no asphaltic products and requires no heating, creates a superior running surface, and requires no post-installation sweeping.

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