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Natural paving solutions for paths, trails and other green surfaces

Natural and Decorative Paving

Go green and cool for strong, natural-looking, cost-effective paths
and trails

Where naturally beautiful surfaces are the desired outcome, the most eye-pleasing results are those that look as if they were designed by Nature herself.

Midwest’s versatile ResinPave System for green paved beauty delivers more than aesthetics. In addition to curb appeal, it produces heat-reflective, cool surfaces with superior strength, durability, and environmental properties that can translate to LEED credits for your projects. You get the performance you want at a lower cost-per-foot than asphalt or concrete, without causing any harm to the environment.

The ResinPave System at a glance

  • Creates a decorative, durable, all-weather pavement
  • Produces heat-reflective surfaces that remain cool
  • Meets ADA guidelines for accessibility
  • Installs with ease and is simple to maintain
  • Will not harm vegetation or wildlife
  • Can be used to repair deteriorated asphalt
  • Uses non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-toxic formulations

Comparison Chart

ResinPave is the perfect natural solution for:

  • Footpaths
  • Park trails
  • Resort paving
  • Golf cart paths
  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Riding trails
  • Bike trails
  • Camping areas
  • Garden paths
  • Waterside paths
  • Recreation areas
  • Courtyards

The ResinPave components – GreenPave Base™ and GreenPave Chip™

Based on Midwest’s GreenPave™ family of products, ResinPave is the original natural paving system, introduced more than 20 years ago. It enables you to use the aggregate of your choice – or in-place soils where they are the only option – to form a natural-looking surface which can also serve as the base for a more decorative chip-sealed finish.

GreenPave Base, a proprietary polymer-enhanced, resin-based organic emulsion, is combined with an aggregate to create a structure that maximizes strength and extends the useful life of a surface. GreenPave Base:

  • Increases loading capacity (CBR)
  • Reduces harmful moisture penetration
  • Resists rain, heat, freezing and thawing
  • Delivers strength and aesthetics at a reasonable cost

GreenPave Chip, a custom-formulated chip binder, allows a decorative, functional chip to be added into pavement, resulting in a natural-looking visually-pleasing, architecturally-unique surface. It can be installed over GreenPave Base or asphalt, eliminating or dramatically reducing pavement removal costs. GreenPave Chip:

  • Provides a wide range of color, aggregate and pattern choices
  • Affords architectural flexibility in building, renovating or enhancing luxury homes and resorts
  • Creates or restores a smooth surface where there has been deterioration
  • Is faster, easier and less labor intensive to install compared to other decorative paving surfaces

The GreenPave performance promise

Because we develop our products in our own lab – unique in the industry – you will benefit from the complete control we have over quality and our ability to work in-house with a sample of your soil to precisely you’re your expectations and needs.

Midwest’s “Yes, we can do it,” is your guarantee. Strong, durable, flexible. That is what you can expect of paths, trails, driveways, parking lots, and other surfaces paved using Midwest’s GreenPave products. Urban or rural, hot climate or cold, sidewalks, bicycle paths, courtyards and any number of other surfaces will be slip- and skid-resistant and optimally flexible.

Looks matter

Whether you want your new natural surface to mimic and match what is already in place or make a unique statement of its own, the ResinPave system makes it easy. It affords design flexibility, architectural variations, and decorative appeal that will enhance the appearance of any surface. Available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures that allow for a custom appearance, a ResinPave installation will complement the natural beauty and unique personality of the grounds that surround it.

The cool factor. The GreenPave family of products used in the ResinPave system produce light-colored, reflective surfaces that:

  • Reflect solar energy, keeping surface temperatures down and contributing far less to the heat island effect than dark, heat-absorbing surfaces
  • Help control peak energy demands, greenhouse gas emissions, and heat-related illness and mortality
  • Protect water quality by reducing storm water runoff and reducing the temperature of the water that does run off, which means less thermal shock to aquatic life
  • Enhance visibility at night, potentially reducing lighting requirements and saving both money and energy
  • Provide a cooler, more comfortable environment where people congregate or children play
  • Generate much less thermal conductivity than asphaltic surfaces, which means less heat is transmitted from the pavement into the coarser materials of the base

Installation – getting the job done right

Midwest binds existing or locally sourced aggregate which can be applied by hand or by a paving machine. The finished surface, available for use after a short curing process, can be striped and painted for parking lots or other applications. Midwest has decades of experience in design, soils testing, engineering, installation and post-installation performance testing. Our skilled engineers and field staff are on hand from beginning to end to ensure that your newly paved surfaces will perform optimally.

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