FAQs Sitemap

Who We Are, What We Stand For

Midwest lives in, manufactures for, and delivers Earth-conscious solutions around the world to clients in the quarry, mining, construction, iron/steel, rail/mass transit and dozens of other industries whose success depends on overcoming dust, erosion, ice, or unstable soil conditions. 

In every part of our business from hiring to product development to service, we aim for the impossible – perfection – so we can deliver what our clients want: environmentally gentle, regulatory-compliant applications that work.

Pushing the envelope is part of our corporate DNA, and we strive, always, to develop cutting-edge processes, products and services; stay on top of the learning curve, and educate our customers for our mutual success. For 36 years, our hands have worked alongside those of our customers to get every job done right. We have no stomach for unsolved challenges in our quest to provide the follow-up, machinery, and knowledge our customers need to move their work forward.

We were green before the movement took root
According to the most famous frog in television history – Sesame Street’s Kermit – “It’s not easy being green,” and his lyrics hold true for Midwest’s customers. New regulations are legislated on an ongoing basis, and it is not just the government making mandates. Our customers’ customers want to work with companies that value and respect the environment.

Midwest is committed to producing products that not only protect the environment but also, where possible, enhance it. The products we sell are developed in our own lab, unique in our industry, so our chemists think green from source materials to formulation and from production to application.

In an industry driven by the need to produce products that protect the environment, greenwashing is sometimes part of the marketing process.  Each claim we make about our products’ environmental friendliness is backed by patents and/or third-party certifications, and we are always happy to provide proof.

Four of the last five years Midwest placed in the Inc 5000’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Environmental Services. We will continue the greening of Midwest because doing so is integral to the success of our business and those of our customers.

Why clients rely on us
Midwest is a company of problem solvers. We attack challenges and stick with them tenaciously until they are resolved. Our clients know that if we say we will do something, we will because as a company, good enough and status quo are not in our vocabularies.

Collaboration – with our clients and with one another – is a critical ingredient to our customers’ success, and ours. We don’t merely talk with customers; we listen hard so we may continue improving our deliverables and our service.

If the need is simply product, we provide it – proven and certified – but our calling card is that we are purveyors of total solutions, no matter how complex. In short, clients agree that Midwest is the real deal, insistent on delivering nothing short of the best possible results.

Midwest’s products
Reliably consistent and consistently reliable, Midwest’s products are manufactured to standards that ensure optimum performance month to month, season to season, and year to year.

One size fits all does not always make for a good fit; unique problems require unique solutions. Midwest is a particle-control pioneer, not a me-too company. Our product development begins with a challenge and ends when we produce a solution that proves its worth in the field. Off-the-shelf is fine when it works, but when it does not Midwest has the capability and tenacity to customize a formula for its clients’ specific needs.