Coal Pile Management

 Effective coal pile management mandates keeping coal pile moisture content as low as possible. Sealing coal piles against moisture and oxygen is the only practical way of preventing the deterioration of stored coal. Unsealed, coal piles are likely to have lower BTU values, burn less efficiently, and bear the ravages of freezing and oxidation. They will emit coal dust, an environmental and health concern, and result in actual loss of coal.

Midwest will keep you in compliance with the increasingly stringent guidelines set forth by the EPA and other regulatory agencies. PM10 and PM2.5 emissions will no longer be a concern. Your work environment will be cleaner and healthier, and coal pile management will help maintain good neighbor status by reducing dust emissions that are both a nuisance and health issue nearby businesses and residences.

Coal Pile Management Benefits

Let Midwest help you minimize your coal pile dust and keep your operations as safe and productive as possible.

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