State and County Unpaved Road Dust Control

Road dust from unpaved roads is problematic from health, environmental, and safety perspectives. PM10 and PM2.5 dust particles and loose soil can be carried away from the roadway by water, wind, traffic, or snowmelt landing in streams and rivers, where they may destroy aquatic habitat and harm water quality.

Midwest is recognized for its ability to eliminate these problems and others related to keeping roadway material on the ground and in the roadway. Midwest’s line of products and road dust control solutions dramatically reduce dust and stabilize the road surface, preventing erosion and avoiding costly maintenance or resurfacing in the process. Moreover, our dust control programs will eliminate the contaminating effects of dust and its suppressants on their food, water, soil, and air, keeping the road clear and the community happy.

Short-term or long-term dust control, we have the solution for you

For temporary, short-term dust mitigation on unpaved roads, Midwest has a line of highly effective, environmentally-safe products that eliminate the need for time-consuming and frequent watering. This approach to dust containment will also help prevent surface deterioration, potholes, wash boarding and raveling.

For longer –term dust control and stabilization, Midwest offers programs that keep the road in as-built condition. These programs also increase CBR, decreases maintenance frequency, and lower the life-cycle cost of maintaining unpaved roads.

Unpaved Road Dust Control Benefits:

In addition, Storm water runoff will not be adversely affected by our products; in fact, its quality will be improved. Drivers will not be endangered by slippery surfaces, soft shoulders, narrow road surfaces, decreased visibility, or respiratory issues. The absence of dust also makes for stronger community relations given that dust particles will inevitably settle on neighboring pools, flower beds, vegetation, cars and porches. Our dust-control products are an economical alternative to asphalt and concrete.

Let Midwest help you minimize your unpaved road dust emissions and keep operations and your community as safe and productive as possible.

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