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Construction erosion control solutions

Build Without Worry. Curb Dust, Erosion, and Unstable Surfaces at Their Source

“If you build it, they will come,” is the line most remembered from the movie “Field of Dreams,” and it has some interesting corollaries. If you build it without effective construction dust control, they who come will be inspectors with hefty fines to give out. If construction site dust control is inadequate, they who come to look, buy, or lease will not see the site to full advantage.

From the minute a permit is issued, developers, contractors and landowners face strict environmental dust control regulations on construction sites right through to post-construction activities including sales activities and building pad site tours. Midwest’s approach to construction site dust control is based on Best Management Practices and Best Available Control Technologies. Our gentle-on-the environment products are tough on dust and formulated to limit and control construction site dust, erosion, storm water runoff – and the adverse effect they can have on human, plant, water and environmental health.

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