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Railroad deicing, anti-icing and rail lubrication and railroad dust control

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“On or close to schedule,” is what mass transit riders and industries waiting for materials delivery expect. They don’t care if the problem is inadequate railroad anti-icing or if delays are caused because rail lubrication is sub-par, or if ice has jammed switches or covered the third rail. The antidote to railroad anti-icing and deicing problems is Midwest’s line of proven products, application systems, and maintenance capabilities. We will keep your railroads deiced, help keep customers safe and pleased with your performance, and ensure that you are not hit with unnecessary maintenance costs, delays or worse.

Regardless of season, railroad dust control is a mandate at loading, transporting and railroad ballast locations. Railroad dust can easily be addressed before dust leads to fines, equipment damage, and health problems. Midwest has the railroad dust control, lubrication and ice-fighting solutions that will easily keep your rails lubricated and dust and ice to an absolutely minimum.

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Midwest is a member of AREMA, ASLRRA, REMSA, RSSI

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