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Eliminating industrial road dust emissions

Prevent Industrial Road Dust Emissions

Effective industrial road dust control is the best way to keep dust emissions at a minimum and health and safety at a maximum while saving money over the long term. Those relying exclusively on water to control industrial road dust emissions know that supplies can be scarce and prohibitive. Further, uncontrolled fugitive PM10 and PM2.5 emissions are dangerous to health and safety. With Midwest behind you, wash boarding and potholes will not become kings of the road, and grader usage can be reduced by up to 90 percent. We are globally recognized for our ability to eliminate the dust-related problems to which mining, steel mill and haul roads; pipe and intermodal yards; and others for which industrial road dust control is a problem.

Midwest’s certified and proven dust suppressants and dust-control spray systems will:

  • Keep industrial road dust and other roadway material on the ground and in the roadway
  • Improve road surface strength and running surfaces
  • Extend surface life
  • Reduce equipment wear and tear
  • Improve relationships with nearby commercial and residential communities
  • Give you an effective and economical alternative to asphalt and concrete

The environmental factor
When you put Midwest solutions for industrial road dust into action, you will be actively conserving water. Consider compliance with the PM10 and PM2.5 requirements of the Clean Air Act a given. Our industrial road dust control products will neither contaminate ground water with volatile organic compounds, semi-volatiles or heavy metals nor increase BOD or COD levels. Storm water runoff will not be adversely affected by our products; in fact, its quality will be improved. So, too, will the health and safety of employees subject to respiratory ailments and impaired visibility in the absence of optimum dust management.

We can also provide:

To learn more about the wide range of products Midwest can put to work to keep your haul roads dust free, click on any of the products below.


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