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Shredder dust control and blue smoke / explosion control solutions

Reduce the frequency and velocity of explosions by 50% to 80%

Shredding operations associated with scrap recycling are dirty, dusty and dangerous even when all goes right. But in the absence of effective dust control, the blue smoke, dust and damaging explosions that come with the territory make the propensity for things to go wrong too high. With Midwest’s dust suppressing foam agents and equipment behind you, you can reduce the frequency and velocity of explosions by 50% to 80% while also taking control of blue smoke, dust, health, safety and regulatory concerns.

Midwest’s Dust-Buster® dust suppression systems outperform water alone:

  • Reduce dust emissions up to 85%
  • Do not release dust downstream at transfer points and screening
  • Will not blind screens or impact picking process
  • Require just a small fraction of the water used when water is the only treatment
  • Work well with all types of water
  • Decrease disposal costs because residual waste may be 60% to 90% lighter
  • Minimize muddy conditions

“Safety First” is more than an adage
At Midwest, safety is a pillar of our culture. It affects the products we manufacture, the expectations we set, and the decisions we make both at Midwest and at customer sites. Wherever in the world our customers take us, we bring with us our own strong safety presence and fully participate in their safety programs and procedures.

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The environmental factor
As tough as Midwest’s products are at preventing and controlling dust, they are safe for human, animal and plant life. With chemists in our lab and experts on our customers’ worksites, Midwest has the home-grown ability to manufacture products that will not harm the environment and, in many instances, will help it. Our chemists think green from source materials to formulation and from production to application.

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