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Anti-icing and Deicing conveyor belts

Ice is No Friend to Conveyor Belts

Conveyor ice and frost resulting from rain and snow are handicaps to business when they inhibit conveyors, idlers and pulleys from doing what they are supposed to do. In the absence of effective conveyor belt deicing, bad things happen. Belts tear when conveyors are started, and there are lots of “ups” that won’t come down unless conveyor deicers are brought to the rescue. Cover friction goes up, motors burn up, downtime goes up, and material-handling time and maintenance costs follow in the same direction. Conversely, workers’ safety goes down as does on-time delivery. These problems and others related to conveyor ice buildup call for tested and proven winter operating agents.

Midwest will keep conveyor belt ice from taking a slice of your business
Our conveyor belt deicers and coal-handling deicers – a la carte or via our turnkey programs – will prevent tracking problems that ice accumulation guarantees will occur. Our anti-icing agents will prevent ice from forming in the first place. The Midwest guarantee is that we will:

  • Prevent snow and ice from building up on conveyor belts, idlers and pulleys
  • Melt existing snow, ice and freezing frost from their surfaces
  • Eliminate coal-handling problems caused by icing and fines build-up
  • Stop backslides resulting from belt hardening
  • Eliminate coal supply interruption
  • Eliminates ice-build up on idlers which may cause improper belt alignment
  • Minimize fines carry-back and buildup on belts, idlers and pulleys

Belt slippage, belt glazing, ice build-up on rollers and coal slides will be a thing of the past. Better yet, your site safety will go up as your maintenance and labor costs follow the direction of the temperature – down.

Learn more about these proven winter anti-icing and deicing agents:

We can also provide Winter Storm Support to keep you operating during even the most severe winter weather. Our Cobra® Winter Spray systems feature special spray header design and placement for effective application of anti-icing and deicing agents.

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