Midwest’s Soil-Sement family of polymer emulsions for dust control and soil stabilization boasts more certifications and verifications for environmental safety and performance effectiveness than any other polymer emulsion.

Build or stabilize roads to be hard as steel or resilient as rubber

Soil-Sement is an environmentally safe, advanced, powerful polymer emulsion that produces highly effective dust control, erosion control and soil stabilization. Soil-Sement’s nanotechnology formulation enables our scientists to control matter on an atomic and molecular scale, taking into account dry strength, wet strength, ductility, elasticity, UV resistance, climate, and many other factors. It has been proven the most effective – and cost-effective – for controlling PM10 and PM2.5 dust emissions.


  • Stabilizes surface to resist shifting, breaking up and sink failures
  • Stands up to wind, rain, UV light, and other weather conditions
  • Increases load-bearing strength
  • Prevents water from destabilizing road surface
  • Dries clear for an aesthetically pleasing appearance

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Case Studies
Mine Road Maintenance Programs Solve Potholing, Rutting and Washboarding Soil-Sement Meets the High Standards for the Wine Producing Industry Safety, Visibility and Efficiency Through Military Helipad Dust Suppression Dust Control on Haul Roads - Costly Equipment Maintenance Controlled on Steel Mill Haul Roads Resort Dust Control Solution - Meeting the Dust Control Needs of a Resort Community Intermediate Cover of Landfill Alternative - Alternative Intermediate Cover Provided at a Residual Waste Landfill Pond Slope Stabilization - Pond Slope Stabilization Problem Resolved at Nuclear Generating Station Fugitive Dust and Airborne Particles - Federal EPA Fugitive Dust Criteria Met at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Project Pathway Erosion Control - Maintaining Pathways - and Park’s History - While Controlling Erosion Contaminated Soil Remediation - Demonstration of a Polymer Coating on Contaminated Soil Piles Curbing Fugitive Dust Problems at a Canadian Mine Disposal Site Haul Road Surface Problems Eliminated at Cement Company Chronic Dust and Surface Maintenance Problems Solved at an Intermodal Facility Tower Foundation Stabilized From Strong Desert Winds Desert Community Construction Site Eliminates Water Erosion Problems Helping Indonesian Farmers Optimize Harvest Season Sustaining Road Surfaces Without Causing Environmental Risk Preventing Fugitive Dust Emissions on Coal Storage Piles Controlling Dust and Erosion at Boston's "Big Dig" Controlling Erosion on a Well-Used Bike Trail Dust Suppression for Training Areas at the Arizona Army National Guard Fugitive Dust Problems Solved at a Utility Company’s Ash Pond Eliminating Water and Insulation Problems in Foundation of 10th Century Monastery Increasing Safety and Visibility at an United States Air Force Base

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