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Liquid deicer, Liquid Ice Mlt

Liquid Deicer and Snow Melting Agent

Liquid Ice-Mlt® is a multi-component liquid belt deicer, which is a special liquid deicer blend of diethylene glycol, chlorides, and various other proprietary ingredients. The ingredients of this snow melting agent enhance ice melting; prevent ice build-up on equipment and crystallization in nozzles.

Liquid Ice-Mlt ice melting benefits:

  • Prevents snow and ice from building up on conveyor belts
  • Works effectively in temperatures as low as -40ºF
  • Melts existing snow and ice from the surface of conveyor belts
  • Made with diethylene glycol instead of ethylene glycol, therefore is not considered a Hazardous Air Pollutant under the Clean Air Act
  • Contains several special ingredients to minimize crystallization in nozzles - even in very cold temperatures
  • Reduces material handling time
  • Prevents downtime associated with dangerous and costly coal backslides
  • Can be stored outdoors and does not require expensive heaters


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