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Soil-Sement Engineered Formula® Case Studies

Safety, Visibility and Efficiency Through Military Helipad Dust Suppression

Controlling dust on military operational areas causes unique challenges, especially those which require intense use site stabilization.

Tower foundation stabilized from strong desert winds

Strong desert wind and rain caused a tower’s foundation to erode and become unstable making it a safety hazard.

Desert community construction site eliminates water erosion problems

The developers for these prestigious projects in the desert communities have previously been plagued by chronic wind blown erosion problems and seasonal rains causing thousands of dollars in erosion damage overnight on final graded projects.

Preventing fugitive dust emissions on coal storage piles

When the demand for coal slows, storage piles are left to the elements. Wind, rain and spontaneous combustion are then factors that can effect BTU value and the profitability of the coal.

Fugitive dust problems solved at a utility company’s ash pond

Cold winter weather was causing the surface of a utility company’s ash pond to freeze dry, turning it into a source of fugitive dust. Summer, too, presented a dust problem as the pond water evaporated or drained off.