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Dust Control, Anti-Icing and Deicing Spray Systems

Explore the state-of-the-art dust control spray systems, winter spray systems and portable combustible dust cleaning systems that apply or utilize Midwest's chemicals in accurate and easy-to-control methods.

When you need to apply dust suppression products at transfer, process point, stack-out or reclaim areas, we have the right system to solve your dust control needs. During loading, unloading, belt conveying and transferring, stack-out reclaim, crushing and other critical locations, particles can become airborne causing many environmental headaches. Midwest manufactures Dust-Buster® and Dustract® spray systems as well as the chemical agents to stop process dust from occurring.

When you need a portable, versatile and compact spraying system that can be mounted on any light duty truck, from an F-150 or flatbed 1-ton trailer to a military Humvee, the E-Sprayer™ is system to get the job done.

When you need a portable coal dust and dirt cleaning system for walls, beams and other bunker room internal fixtures or conveyor chutes, FoamKleen® reach areas up to thirty feet away.

When keeping your conveyor belts running all winter long is required to keep the lights on, Midwest's line of Cobra® winter spray systems prevent belt surface friction loss or ice buildup on top and bottom cover, pulleys and idlers.

When keeping your third rail mass transit train running in winter conditions, the Ice-Slicer® Spray Systems provides custom delivery of Midwest anti-icing products.


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