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Air blocking system

Air Blocking System for Coal Bunkers

Bunker Seal™ is the antidote to the oxidation and moisture that leads to spontaneous combustion in coal bunkers.  Keeping coal bunkers sealed mandates an effective, reliable air-blocking system. Sealing coal bunkers is, of course, more necessity than choice. Air circulating through coal bunkers is a precursor to spontaneous combustion, a serious danger to a power plant, its employees, and the value of the stored coal itself.

The coal Bunker Seal air blocking system employs a manual spray nozzle and an air-powered pump mounted on a handcart. Bunker Seal efficiently applies Soil-Sement®, a proven, gentle-on-the-environment dust and erosion control chemical that seals the top of coal bunkers and prevents air from circulating and moisture from forming. Coal handling personnel at power plants have relied on Soil-Sement for more than 28 years to:

  • Eliminate air and water penetration
  • Minimize oxidation to prevent spontaneous combustion
  • Prevent costly coal bunker fires
  • Slow coal deterioration that can reduce BTU value
  • Get the desired results without spending as much as they would for nitrogen injections

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