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Installation quality assurance testing using the Samitron

Installation Quality Assurance Testing

Uniformity, strength, and dust reduction – three key goals of surface stabilization – determine how long a surface will perform optimally and when it needs further stabilizing it to prevent a surface failure. Enter Midwest’s Samitron®, which takes all the tests and measurements needed before, during and after an installation to insure that:

  • There is a benchmark on the existing surface
  • Construction leaves no weak or un-uniform areas that will break up or develop potholes and sinkholes
  • Adjustments can be made to compensate for site anomalies
  • Fines are cohering and adhering, which means a stronger surface and less dust
  • Cure readings show gains in CRB strength post-application

 About the Samitron
The Samitron®, Midwest's soil and soil aggregate stiffness and modulus gauge, is a hand-portable instrument. Conforming to the D6758 ASTM standard, it uses a simple, rapid and precise electro-mechanical measurement method to measure lift stiffness, both of which relate directly to the soil density on an installed surface.

It facilitates practical and effective quality control of dust suppressant and stabilization applications over a surface’s life cycle and can provide integral information regarding potential obstacles in advance of a surface failure. The Samitron also provides an alternative means of estimating density, CRB, and the rolling coefficient of friction.

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