Anti Sticking, Freeze Conditioning, and Process Dust Control for Material Handling Systems

Icy winters do not paint a pretty picture for business. Bringing with them serious material handling problems, these long, cold seasons can leave companies in the dark all winter long. Without effective anti-icing and deicing, material handling operations will come to a halt. Conveyor belts get stuck, switches freeze, and coal bonds to chutes, truck beds, and railcars. Fines carryback accumulates, belts come out of alignment, supply is interrupted, and the number of accidents multiplies.

Enough about the problems; you know them already. Midwest’s material handling solutions are as effective on granite and other minerals as they are on coal. Tested, proven, and enhanced for more than three decades, our winter operating agents increase safety, eliminate coal supply interruption, lower costs, and reduce the need for weather-related maintenance.

Process Dust Control

Midwest's solutions guarantee that your material handling operations are in regulatory compliance, eliminates PM10 and PM2.5 emissions, and ensures that unwanted airborne impact dust is smothered, captured, and agglomerated. Dust elimination will protect your employees and those nearby from allergic reactions, respiratory illness, eye irritation, and other dust-related side effects.


  • Ensures that you meet OSHA and other regulatory standards
  • Prevents combustible dust from becoming airborne
  • Eliminates time-consuming dust cleanup work
  • Reduces health concerns and makes worksites safer
  • Protects belts from wear and tear

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Anti-icing and Deicing

Midwest protects against the friction, downtime, burned-out motors, and belt misalignment that promise to hamper your material handling operations when ice formation attacks your conveyor belts. Our proven belt de-icers, available a la carte or through a turnkey Midwest program, will save you valuable time and money while providing a safer work environment.


  • Prevents snow and ice from building up on conveyor belts, idlers, and pulleys
  • Melts existing snow, ice, and freezing frost from their surfaces
  • Eliminates handling problems caused by icing
  • Stops backslides resulting from belt hardening
  • Minimizes fines carry-back and buildup on belts, idlers, and pulleys

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Midwest’s anti-sticking agent prevents materials from clinging to the tools and containers that handle them. It is highly resistant to severe abrasion and keeps coal, coke, sand, fly ash, and other materials from sticking to bins, silos, chutes, hoppers, railcars, truck beds, and bucket elevators The ready-to-use formulation prevents all sticking by applying a super-slippery, flexible coat. And you can rest assured that its self-heating action prolongs coating life and does not chip or flake.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-hazardous to health
  • Avoids adhesion and abrasion

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