Dust Control for Shredding and Scrap Recycling Operations

Shredding and recycling is not exactly the cleanest or quietest business. Explosions and the resulting shredder residue of blue smoke and dust need to be minimized if shredding and recycling operators want to avoid endangered employees, regulatory fines, adverse health conditions, and even facility shutdowns.

With the right combination of Midwest’s foaming dust suppression products and spray systems, they can. Our products reduce the frequency and velocity of explosions by up to 80%. They will enable your company to take control of the blue smoke, dust, health, safety, and regulatory concerns associated with shredding operations and scrap recycling. See our solutions below to learn how to manage a cleaner, safer shredding and recycling operation.

Dust Control

Midwest’s foam agents permeate the areas where explosive gases can accumulate, reducing dust, the risk of dangerous explosions, damage to equipment, respiratory disease in workers, and the potential for regulatory fines. Our low-maintenance Dust-Buster® dust suppression systems for shredding and recycling are built to withstand the harsh environment in which they work and do not require high-cost, labor-intensive water filtering.


  • Reduces dust emissions by up to 85%
  • Decreases disposal costs by lightening residual waste by 60 to 90 percent
  • Contains blue smoke
  • Does not release dust downstream at transfer and screening points
  • Will not blind screens or affect picking process
  • When watering is the only available treatment, requires a small fraction of the typically needed supply
  • Produces less mud around your shredder

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