Anti-icing and Deicing

Midwest’s expertise in anti-icing and de-icing solutions dates back to 1975. We developed some of our first products to address safety issues facing the rail transit industry in inclement weather. Our Ice Free Switch and Ice Free Conveyor have developed sterling reputations as highly effective anti-icing products, as they’ve been honed over decades of use in the field.

In recent years, Midwest’s team of scientists have collaborated with NASA and the Ames Research Group to develop our Zero Gravity Third Rail Anti-Icer De-Icer, which has quickly become an industry-leading product. We’ve incorporated the same Zero Gravity technology into a number of Midwest products, including Ice Free Switch and Ice Free Conveyor. Our products are pseudoplastics, so they can be easily applied in the worst weather conditions, and are long-lasting even on vertical surfaces. What’s more, they’re also 100% environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-corrosive, and non-conductive.

Midwest’s approach focuses on anti-icing, which means we address the problem before there is a problem. Applying our products prior to winter weather events can save your maintenance teams time and money and keep trains running on schedule. It’s our pleasure to serve our clients and keep their operations in good working order through the toughest winter conditions.



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