Dust Control

Here at Midwest, we’re known as dust control specialists. Our expertise goes beyond the market-leading products we sell and governs our entire approach to our clients. Over more than four decades, we’ve learned that each client’s dust control need is different. Though we’ve worked tirelessly to perfect our products and have the certifications to show for it, we’re keenly aware that dust control solutions require both the right product and expert implementation to yield the best results. To address these necessities, we have created a company-wide solutions-based strategy that starts with approaching the problem from the customer’s perspective. Because we work to fully understand each problem before initiating a project, we’re able to deliver optimal results at a lower cost.

Intelligent application of our products is the key both to their success and to keeping costs down on all dust control projects. We strive to know your business inside and out, and that starts with diagnosing your exact issues and objectives before making recommendations about which product you should buy, how much product you need, and how to best apply that product.

Midwest understands that companies turn to us for help for a variety of different reasons. Perhaps you’re looking to substantially reduce the level of dust at your worksite for practical reasons, or maybe you’re worried about compliance with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. That’s why we develop site-specific, step-by-step plans for every single one of our customers to ensure that we fully understand and address the unique requirements of each project at an affordable price.



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