Portable Combustible Dust Cleaning System
Prevent Combustible Dust Explosions and Health Hazards

Rid Walls and Ceilings of Combustible Coal Dust and Dirt

Specialty Sprayer and Dry Cleaning Foam for Combustible Dust

Combustible dust is an ever-present danger in the workplace. The force from a combustible dust explosion can destroy entire buildings and cause injury and even death. Many employers and employees are often unaware that a hazard even exists until disaster strikes. Preventative measures can save lives and cut down on the exorbitant costs associated with damages from combustible dust explosions.

Midwest’s FoamKleen XT Portable Cleaning System for walls and other industrial dust cleaning projects employs a versatile rubber-wheeled sprayer for portability. It delivers a high-pressure stream of dry cleaning foam to hard-to-reach walls and ceilings at industrial plants and coal facilities. Use this portable coal dust and dirt cleaning system to improve the health and safety of everyone in your facility.

Keep Your Facility Safe, Healthy, Productive and Compliant

Let Midwest help you minimize your combustible dust emissions and keep your operations as safe and productive as possible.

Sprayer and Dry Cleaning Agent combine for a powerful, yet portable system

Ensures that you’ll meet OSHA and other regulatory standards

Eliminates PM10 and PM2.5 dust emissions

Helps you avoid time-consuming dust cleanup work

Doesn’t create the mess that comes with liquid-based solutions

Reduces health concerns and makes worksites safer

Watch how Midwest can help you prevent combustible dust explosions