The leading innovators in dust control that’s advanced, science-based and measurable.

Dust is a major problem. It harms the environment, jeopardizes human health, disrupts communities and hinders business productivity. Only Midwest offers a complete system of chemistry plus application expertise for verifiable, long lasting dust control.


Midwest uses the world’s most advanced technologies to control dust.

Traditional methods like watering programs and off-the-shelf palliative products provide an inconsistent and unpredictable level of control. You spend time, money and equipment applying and reapplying and reapplying again — just to have the dust return.

Midwest complete dust control solutions eliminate dust and deliver long-term reliability when compared to inconsistent and short-lived traditional methods. This superior performance drastically reduces operating costs, improves health and safety, increases productivity and delivers guaranteed air quality compliance with fewer applications. Additionally, Midwest formulations are sustainable, protecting the environment with green alternatives to overwatering or ordinary products.

You choose the means. Midwest offers our unique Guided Self-Apply Dust Control program utilizing state-of-the-art, science-based dust control products. Or Midwest will serve you with a Fully Managed Service program, providing measurable evidence of compliance and guaranteed dust control for your unique circumstances and needs.

Dust Control Down to a Science.

The most advanced chemistry, customized engineering and methodical installation.

Midwest was founded in 1975. For 45 years, Midwest chemists have invented and developed innovative, proprietary products based on our hands-on knowledge about which product is best for each situation and why — taking into account the particular chemistry, soil composition and all the other unique, challenging factors. We even designed and built much of our own application equipment, for the best combination of product formulation with application and equipment. We also provide training and support during the life of the program to ensure the intended results and performance improvements.

Whatever the need, no matter the scale.

Whether you need to eliminate dust for safety issues, air quality compliance, employee health, water conservation or improvement in business operating conditions, Midwest is the only manufacturer and nationwide turnkey, customized service provider in the United States.

With more than 14 service hubs, 300 pieces of custom application equipment and power units, and highly trained service experts, we are the largest dust control solution provider in the industry. This benefits you because you have a single source of accountability to guarantee your success.

The power of product and technology leadership.

Midwest has the largest portfolio of dust control products in the world. As the innovation and technology leader in the dust control industry, we have developed and manufacture more than 20 “intended use,” proven dust suppressant products, serving a wide range of customer needs. This further guarantees you the best outcome possible.

Technical expertise and innovation that no one else can come close to matching.

In order to guarantee success for you, Midwest’s technical leadership spans many disciplines. Our specialists perform on-site visits and surveys to learn your exact requirements; our soil analysts assure we recommend only the right products; and our service experts evaluate general site conditions, including traffic loads and volumes, as well as taking into account community requirements to make the best recommendation for the optimal solution for you.

A legacy of results.

Midwest has a rich history, starting with having help found the dust control industry, and continuing today through our service to 2,000 customers. We help small businesses across an extensive and diverse range of industries, up to the largest and most complex of blue chip industrial and mining organizations in North America. We offer you an unmatched and most advantageous combination of dust control expertise with operational excellence.


Superior Dust Control

Midwest participates in and supports numerous Environmental Technology Verification and Certification Programs in the United States, Canada and in the global community.


If you require measurable evidence and documentation of control effectiveness and compliance, ask our Engineering Group for information on the Environmental Engineering and Compliance Services we provide customers.

Science Based. Proven Results.

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