Take the “dust” out of industrial…
…with the most advanced, science-based, industrial dust control program available.

The cost of out-of-control dust on your facility adds up — from health risks to your employees to the time and money wasted on watering programs and off-the-shelf palliative products. Midwest can get your dust under control while saving you time and money.

A comprehensive, multi-year customized program

(Yes, we take dust that seriously.)

Sick of wasting time and money reapplying industrial dust control measures over and over? Where most companies sell you a product for industrial dust control, Midwest prefers to build a relationship – one where we create a custom program designed around your specific dust control challenges. And we stay with you for the long haul, including collecting proof that your program is getting the results you want.

We do this through a combination of nanotechnology, that works at the molecular level, and deep human expertise, with decades of experience applying the most advanced industrial dust control solutions available.

This mixture of technology and expertise allows us to eliminate 80-90% of dust while creating a more durable, damage-resistant road surface. The benefits to you include a reduction in operating costs, improved health and safety, increased productivity, and guaranteed air quality compliance, all with fewer applications.

The most comprehensive, customized industrial dust control solution for any application.

The following represent examples of our Industrial Dust Control capabilities, as well as areas of outstanding performance and service.

Where advanced tech meets deep expertise.

For 45 years, Midwest chemists have innovated in the field of dust control. Our proprietary products are designed to face the most challenging industrial dust control situations you could face.

But beyond our product line, where Midwest truly stands out from the competition is in our experience applying our products in so many diverse conditions. We specialize in understanding your unique environment and designing a custom plan to get you the results you want, within a budget you can afford. 

Key waste area #1: Wasted cost of water or other short-term palliatives.

Because water and other palliatives, like chlorides, are temporary solutions that create longer-term problems, you can spend an inordinate amount on these supposedly “cheap” resources. (This is especially expensive, not to mention ecologically damaging and hurtful to neighboring communities, if your site is far removed from water sources.)

Solution: invest in a durable, effective industrial dust control solution that minimizes reapplication.

Key waste area #2: Productivity and opportunity costs of equipment and labor.

Every reapplication of short-term palliatives uses vehicles and manpower you could be utilizing elsewhere. In addition, you are likely holding up other vehicles that could be using that road for transport purposes.

Solution: by working with Midwest to create a customized program for your location, we can minimize disruptions to your workflow and reduce the occasions that your equipment and labor force is needed for dust control.

Key waste area #3: Regulatory and compliance issues.

If particulate matter continues out of hand, you may find yourself with hefty fines by OSHA or the EPA. Regulatory bodies have stringent standards for industrial dust control. It’s not worth the stress, hassle and expense of failing to meet minimum requirements.

Solution: Midwest understands these regulations; we’ve had our own products tested extensively by these organizations and have seen tests done at sites where we applied our solutions. Let us create a customized, science-based program for your specific needs to get — and keep — your dust emissions under control.

Key waste area #4: The health and safety of your employees.

Perhaps most importantly, out-of-control dust puts your people at risk. From respiratory illnesses to low morale due to a poor working environment, your employees deserve to know that you are looking out for them. Besides, the last thing you want is high disability costs or even lawsuits from people getting sick at work.

Solution: by creating a science-based, fully managed or self-apply program with Midwest, you’ll have the air quality control and healthy working environment your people need.

Science-based. Proven Results.


Superior Dust Control

Midwest participates in and supports numerous Environmental Technology Verification and Certification Programs in the United States, Canada and in the global community.


If you require measurable evidence and documentation of control effectiveness and compliance, ask our Engineering Group for information on the Environmental Engineering and Compliance Services we provide customers.

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