Cutting through the fog of war – with the most advanced military dust control solutions on the market
On the battlefield, dust control can literally be a matter of life and death

Midwest is a pioneer in the field of dust control, with proprietary products that are the benchmark for performance for military forces. Our military personnel depend on cutting edge solutions to manage battlefield challenges; this should be no different when it comes to the field of military dust control solutions.

Dust is a key threat to military assets – especially in combat theaters

When lives, vehicles and even whole operations are at risk, don’t settle for less than first-in-class military dust control solutions

Aircraft losses can account for over one-third of all losses due to what is termed “human factors – aircraft hovering at low speed.” These losses can be caused by brownouts, a condition in which the pilot’s visibility becomes extremely limited due to dust.

Beyond rotorcraft losses, out-of-control dust in military environments is responsible for many other costs and risks. A Department of Defense report on military dust control solutions describes the benefits of proper dust control: “Dust control improves health, safety, and wellness, limits increased costs associated with damage and maintenance on vehicles and other equipment, and minimizes dust signatures during military operations.”

Given these risks and costs, consider leveraging Midwest’s industry leadership in applying successful military dust control solutions.

The most comprehensive, customized military dust control solutions.

The following represent examples of our capabilities in military dust control solutions, as well as areas of outstanding performance and service.

Where cutting-edge tech meets decades of experience

Midwest has been a leader in the dust control industry for nearly half a century. Our products have confronted some of the most challenging dust control situations, including those on the battlefield. But Midwest’s true difference is found in our experience applying our products in so many diverse conditions. We specialize in understanding the unique challenges of any environment and designing a custom plan to get long-term results. For military dust control solutions that work, try Midwest.

A product proven to get long-term results

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has tested* and offers guidance for the use of synthetic fluid as the most efficient military dust control solution for airfields, helipads and base camps. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tested Midwest’s synthetic fluid products, EK35 and EnviroKleen.

In the study, EK35 outperformed a competitor by a wide margin in both areas tested: surface erosion and dust emissions. As the only synthetic fluid on the market with a binding system, EK35 is the most effective for long-term results. For military dust control solutions that get real long-term results, consider Midwest. 

*Laboratory and Field Evaluation of Dust Abatement Products for Expedient Helipads

Midwest’s leading product enhances safety at UN Peacekeeping mission in the DRC

Dust generated at a UN Peacekeeping airfield base in the Democratic Republic of Congo was creating safety hazards for both rotorcraft and ground operators. They had planted grass around the helipads and watered the taxiways in the hopes of minimizing dust, but their efforts were ineffectual.

Eventually they turned to Midwest for a military dust control solution that would actually work. They applied our leading synthetic fluid product, EK35, with a simple garden hose. Water was not required to pre-wet the area. There was no curing time, meaning the treated helipads were immediately available for use after application. The result was a complete elimination of dust. A rainstorm occurred shortly after application, but there was no washout or soil erosion. The client was completely satisfied with the results.

Military dust control solution clears up National Guard training area

At the Florence Military Reservation, a training base for the Arizona Army National Guard, a dust suppressant was required to keep dust emissions below regulated levels. Midwest’s product, EnviroKleen, was selected and applied to the Equipment Staging Area and to five miles of the Main Supply Route. It was then evaluated at six months, 12 months, and post-implementation. In all evaluations, it was shown that EnviroKleen successfully reduced the generation of fugitive dust emissions. It also reduced the opacity of dust plumes from convoys to lower than the required 20% level.

Midwest’s leading products proven to be environmentally friendly

All of Midwest’s products are rigorously tested by 3rd-party labs. They are proven to be environmentally safe for humans, animals, plants and water sources. Midwest believes in standing behind our products 100% — we actually do what our competitors claim to do. That’s why our products are backed up by multiple certifications and detailed test result reports, all demonstrating our commitment to environmental safety.

EnviroKleen Recommended for Use by the USMC

Pilots of both CH-53 and Ch-46 rotorcraft lauded EnviroKleen, one of Midwest’s leading synthetic fluid products, as the most effective of all options for dust abatement in one study.*

EnviroKleen received a perfect rating of 100 for 4 factors deemed most important to improving safety and visibility. To protect pilots and rotorcraft from crashes or damage, consider Midwest’s line of premier dust control products.

*Evaluation of Expedient Methods for Mitigating Dust on Helipads

Superior Results Over 30 Days

Studies of various dust control palliatives were conducted on helipads, base camps, and lines-of-communication.* Both studies found Midwest’s synthetic fluid product to be highly effective at reducing dust over 30 days, improving safety and visibility.

Unlike many of the other products tested, which had to be mixed into the top layer of soil, EnviroKleen could be applied topically. This saves extensive time and complication, a crucial component in the field where equipment might be unavailable. EnviroKleen also proved valuable in being able to support heavy traffic, unlike the polymer emulsion products that were used topically. And finally, there was no risk to equipment, unlike calcium chloride, which causes corrosion to metal.

*Dust Abatement Methods for Lines-of-Communication and Base Camps in Temperate Climates

Science-based. Proven Results.


Superior Dust Control

Midwest participates in and supports numerous Environmental Technology Verification and Certification Programs in the United States, Canada and in the global community.


If you require measurable evidence and documentation of control effectiveness and compliance, ask our Engineering Group for information on the Environmental Engineering and Compliance Services we provide customers.

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