Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
Leaving a Sustainable Legacy for Future Generations

Midwest's Stewardship Focus

Midwest has a long history of stewardship and sustainability, but our future compels and requires us to make or actions and goal purposeful.

Sustainability and stewardship and interconnected and interdependent. Stewardship is the responsible management of something entrusted to you. It implies keeping things status quo, not making them better or worse. Sustainability is defined as meeting current needs without sacrificing the ability of future generation to meet their own needs. It is the true balance of the social, economic and environmental requirements of now and later. Midwest is proud to have been founded upon and to still be operating on these core pillars.

A Foundation of Stewardship

Bob Vitale started Midwest with a sustainable mindset before it was even a discipline. Soil Sement was developed in response to the EPA introduction of the Clean Air Act (CAA) and the required control of particulate matter (PM). Soil Sement was and still is an environmentally sound, value priced option for controlling dust that had greater longevity than water. It was formulated using off-spec or byproducts from other industries. This one product incorporates the three focuses of sustainability: social - made life better for workers; environmental – reduced air pollution and conserved water; and economic – value priced for customers and allowed Midwest to make a profit. This is the definition of sustainability.

For many years Midwest has focused on the stewardship aspect of our products and business actions. We have developed products that do no harm to the environment. We had worked diligently to have our chemical dust suppressants and stabilization agents tested for potential human health and environmental impact. We are compliant with EPA and OSHA standards in our operations. We have a library of third-party testing and certifications for our products including:

US EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program

ISO 14034: Environmental Technology Verification

Quebec BNQ

United States Geological Survey

Pennsylvania Department of Ecology, Dirt and Gravel Roads Program

Washington State Department of Ecology

Great Northwest Territories

West Virginia

These and Other Certifications Available Upon Request

Midwest has worked with many of these agencies to develop accurate and relevant testing for these product chemistries and applications. We are proud of our role in educating the dust suppression community on the pros and cons of each type of product and continue to push for greater understanding.

A Long-term Focus

Midwest wants to be the most recognized advocate for stewardship and sustainability for the dust suppressant industry.


  • Continuously use what we know about our products to discover how they impact the environment and how they can be used to promote healthier lives.
  • Diligently work with third-party testing and global certification agencies to increase sales.


Pollution Prevention and Waste Management

  • Completed installation of our state-of-the-art wastewater handling system to reduce our landfill waste by 94%.
  • Repurpose waste streams from other industries into safe and effective dust control products.
  • Utilize rail transportation when possible to reduce transportation-related pollution.


Innovation and Supply Chain

  • Work closely with vendors to provide just-in-time delivery of material to reduce waste.
  • Streamline inventory management with a shelf-life and material-use monitoring system.
  • Continuously evaluate bio-based raw materials for use in existing products and new product lines.
  • Evaluate waste streams and byproducts for safe, environmentally sound and economically desirable ingredients in end-use products.
  • Develop and supply products at a reasonable cost.
  • Manage end-to-end supply chain with efficiency.
  • Always look for safer alternatives to hazardous or toxic ingredients.
  • Strive for a balanced portfolio of diverse products and customers to maintain a strong balance sheet.


Environmental Education and Awareness

  • Educate customers, employees and communities on relevant and accurate information on chemical dust suppressants.
  • Be a driving force in our industry for expanded testing, self-regulation and third-party certifications.
  • Elevate public awareness of the dangers of particulate matter and the potential for unintended consequences of some dust suppressants.
  • Act as a steward of the environment and foster a culture of sustainable value for the products we offer.


Employee Safety and Enrichment

  • Midwest understands that we cannot survive without healthy, productive and engaged employees.
  • Establish employee safety is our #1 corporate goal. We are led by the “10 Rules to Live By,” Midwest's guide to working safely.
  • Offer a robust employee benefit program with a focus on wellness and prevention.
  • Provide equal opportunity employment with competitive pay.
  • Created an Employee Engagement Team to foster a positive and collaborative culture.


Customer and Quality focus

  • Customer satisfaction and continued support is the focus of our boot-on-the-ground technical team.
  • Dedicated application and engineering support and geotechnical laboratory to ensure selection of the “best fit” product for each unique application.
  • Environmental technical support for regulatory compliance needs and issues.
  • A dedicated interdisciplinary quality team to address, understand and rectify all issues effecting the customer.


Community Support

  • Canton, Ohio is the home of our founder and we continue to live, work and support our local community.
  • Engaged in the acquisition and renovation of abandoned warehouse to support community and neighborhood development.
  • Employees encouraged to work with charitable organizations, including: American Heart Association, Pathway Caring for Children, Wishes Can Happen and many more.


As we plan for the future our focus is on sustainable growth. Midwest understands that communication with our customers, employees, regulatory, stakeholder and the community is key. We look forward to sharing our goals and progress.

Midwest Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability