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Program Support

Midwest does it differently than the rest of the industry. We recognize that a product alone is not enough - even if it is superior to all others on the market. Midwest works with you to develop the best program specific to your runway and requirements. Midwest’s full solution combines the Midwest Proven Process with the science of advanced product chemistry and expert application, backed by ongoing technical support and testing. 


Proper runway management starts with quality designs. We offer proven results based on lab testing and design work.

Midwest has its own 5,000+ square foot geotechnical laboratory operated by trained laboratory technicians with over 25 years combined experience in materials testing. Midwest’s geotechnical lab is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment required to perform testing in accordance with the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) standards.

Midwest's laboratory performs testing on site-specific runway aggregate samples to determine the optimum solution and dosage for your unique aggregate. Laboratory testing is used to accurately predict performance and confirms that our recommendations will meet all your project requirements. 


  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR) – ASTM D1883
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) – ASTM D2166
  • Particle Size Distribution (PSD) – ASTM D6913 and ASTM C136
  • Moisture Content Determination – ASTM D2216
  • Atterberg Limits – ASTM D4318
  • Proctor Testing – ASTM D698 and ASTM D1557
  • USCS Classifications – ASTM D2487
  • Topical Application Evaluations
  • Wind Tunnel Testing
  • Dustfall Column Drop Testing - ATM 316


Application Training and Oversight

Midwest’s Gravel Runway team has over 100 years of experience in dust control/stabilization, gravel runways, spray systems, and performance monitoring in cold regions.
Learning proper techniques for applying and maintaining your treated runway will result in better performance, longer runway life, and an increased knowledge of how to get the most out of your current runway. Midwest feels that no product can be “thrown” on the ground and expected to perform at a high level. It is the combination of a high-quality product, proper installation and good maintenance practices that are needed to achieve a high-performing, improved runway.
Midwest supplies trained and experienced application specialists to provide guidance and hands-on product, equipment, and application training to runway personnel and operators.


  • Product information
  • Pre-Installation runway preparation work
  • Proper methods for product application/installation
  • Operation and maintenance of the E-Sprayer system
  • Compaction of the finished surface
  • Procedure for applying the product to the runway topically
  • Procedure for blending the product into the runway (when applicable)
  • Identifying potential issues and how to resolve them
  • Ensuring proper penetration of the product
  • Proper methods for maintaining your treated runway

Proactive Performance Monitoring

Routine performance monitoring and testing is a proactive way of measuring and monitoring the performance of the runway throughout its life. Results generated from this testing allow Midwest to accurately develop site-specific maintenance plans and provide guidance to extend the longevity of your runway. In addition to this, the results provide quantifiable proof in the value of the runway treatment.


  • Visual runway assessments
  • Visual emission observation
  • Surface stiffness testing
  • Dynamic cone penetrometer testing
  • Product migration testing
  • Photo and video documentation
  • Silt load testing

Runway Maintenance

Although maintenance requirements and their associated costs are much less with Midwest’s gravel runway solutions, appropriate runway maintenance techniques remain vital to achieving and maintaining the highest degree of performance and longevity for your improved runway surface.
Midwest’s Comprehensive Guide for Maintaining Your Improved Gravel Runway provides recommended techniques for Preventative, Reactive and Winter Maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance is a proactive approach to maintaining the runway in its constructed condition. The objective of preventative maintenance is to maintain the runway’s reliability and performance prior to signs of wear and deterioration.
Reactive Maintenance focuses on repairing areas of the runway that have been damaged or show signs of deterioration. The objective of reactive maintenance is to return damaged areas back to their normal operating condition.
Winter Maintenance focuses on keeping the runway in safe operating condition through the winter.

The Midwest maintenance document is available upon request.


Gravel Runway Maintenance Guide Midwest

E-Sprayer System

The E-Sprayer is a spray system specifically engineered to disburse Midwest’s gravel runway solutions. The E-Sprayer is the only way to ensure an accurate and precise application of Midwest’s products.


  • Designed to be mounted in the bed of a pickup truck or flatbed trailer
  • Tote-fed system with the option of linking up to six totes for continuous operation
  • In-cab on/off switch allows for a one-person, easy operation.
  • The rugged construction built to withstand demanding conditions and harsh environments common at remote runways
  • Caged enclosure provides added protection and durability
  • Forklift pockets for each shipping and transportations on-site
  • Cam-lock style hose and dry disconnect for easy and clean setup
  • Flow control with throttle and/or motorized regulator

The Midwest E-Sprayer manual is available upon request.


E Sprayer Operation Manual Midwest