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SECUR® Gravel Runway Stabilization System

The Scientifically Engineered and Constructed Unpaved Runway (SECUR®) Gravel Runway Stabilization System is installed during a major runway reconstruction or rebuild. Following Midwest’s best construction practices, EK35 is incorporated into the upper 4-6” of a specified aggregate surface course to create a stabilized, hard surface runway that meets the challenges and requirements for performance and aggregate FOD elimination.






EK35 Seal Coat Topically Applied

Provides increased level of surface protection and resistance to deterioration, erosion and the generation of gravel FOD.


EK35 Blended and Constructed into Upper 4-6" of a Specified Aggregate Surface Course

Creates a stabilized and bound, hard surface with improved strength, durability, longevity and overall performance.


Untreated Base Course



Constructing EK35 into the upper 4-6” ensures the high performing binding agent is evenly distributed throughout the entire surface layer – creating a bound and hardened surface coarse with superior performance and longevity. Once distributed and blended, the EK35 undergoes an irreversible chemical reaction with the aggregate during which it transforms from a viscous liquid into an insoluble waxy solid. This innovative installation technique provides an increased level of stabilization, strength, durability, longevity and overall superior performance not achievable with a topical application.
The SECUR Stabilization System is the ideal choice for runways that require a full reconstruction and/or major maintenance rework. This solution is designed to preserve the newly constructed runway infrastructure, lower life cycle maintenance and operation costs and is essential for runways operating the latest aircrafts technology (not equipped with gravel kits) including Dash 8 Q400 aircrafts. 

Midwest has developed a maintenance program specific to the SECUR Stabilization System to ensure long-term, consistent performance. When Midwest's maintenance program is adhered to, the SECUR Stabilization System is intended to produce a permanent runway. 

Performance Benefits

Technology and Innovation at Work

  • Increases and maintains CBR value of the runway surface course year-round
  • Creates a bound surface course free of loose aggregate
  • Performance not affected by freeze/thaw cycles
  • Maintains as-constructed runway
  • Eliminates gravel FOD - improving aircraft safety and maintenance costs
  • Preserves costly aggregate – increasing the life of your runway
  • Eliminates dust emissions
  • Improves aircraft braking and steering
  • Limits damage to fuselage and propellers
  • Reworkable surface that can be graded, profiled and compacted
  • Increases surface stiffness and uniformity
  • Limits moisture penetration into underlying layers
  • Reduces runway maintenance activities
  • Allows heavier aircrafts and jet traffic to operate


Click the images below to download SECUR Stabilization System installation case studies:



The most affordable, practical, and efficient time to install the SECUR Stabilization System is DURING runway reconstruction and/or a major runway maintenance rework. Why?

  • Ensures all necessary personnel, support resources, and construction equipment are already on site – saving mobilization and lodging costs
  • Preserves the new runway and aggregate when it is in its best condition
  • Overcomes the lack of regularly available equipment at these remote locations
  • Allows costs to be built into the runway reconstruction budget
  • Provides long-term savings of precious maintenance dollars and resources

The EK35 portion of a runway reconstruction is a very small fraction of the total cost and will dramatically reduce maintenance needs and life-cycle cost while producing a superior, stabilized runway.


EK35 is a patented technology made from synthetic fluid enhanced with a binder system. EK35 was developed through years of research and testing to create a solution that is both high performance and eco-friendly. When installed, EK35 creates a bound runway surface that results in improved performance, longevity, safety, and stabilization. An EK35 stabilized runway provides year-round consistent accessibility by eliminating seasonal soft spots, harmful moisture infiltration, and freeze/thaw damage. This is critical to northern regions that are constantly combatting the effects of climate change and experiencing less “frozen” months and more summer months. As aircrafts equipped with gravel kits are being removed from service and as Dash8/Q400s and jet traffic are being introduced, EK35 becomes the ideal and only solution for remote northern gravel runways.
The runway’s improved performance is a result of EK35’s unique binding chemistry and innovative installation technique. First, the EK35 synthetic carrier fluid delivers the binder into voids in the soil and aggregate. As the EK35 fluid is incorporated into the surface coarse, it uniformly coats all of the soil or aggregate particles with its adhesive agent. The binder then physically bonds permanently to the particles as a result of a chemical reaction. This adhesion to each soil or aggregate particle, and then the binding of all separate particles together, creates a stabilized surface course. Over time, traffic loading further tightens the surface using cohesion and adhesion mechanisms, thus increasing the CBR value, performance, and longevity of the runway.

EK35 Gravel Runway Stabilization Midwest EK35 Gravel Runway Resurfacing Midwest
Water and Freeze/Thaw are the Enemy

Water creates many adverse effects for cold region gravel runways and is a main factor behind gravel runway performance deterioration and unsafe operating conditions. Improper surface drainage, moisture infiltration and freeze/thaw damage results in:

  • Reduction of shear and bearing strength
  • Freeze/thaw expansion and contraction damage
  • Stripping of some stabilizers and dust palliatives
  • Surface erosion and removal of unbound fines
  • Reduction in service life
  • Destabilization of the designed base course
  • Increased maintenance activities
  • Seasonal soft spots, deformation, rutting, potholes, and water pooling

One of the most important functions of any surface layer is to prevent moisture infiltration into the underlying base course by creating a tightly bound surface that repels moisture and facilitates the drainage of water away from the runway. Incorporating EK35 into the aggregate surface has been proven to:

  • Maintain improved CBR values when exposed to excessive moisture
  • Retain performance and mechanical properties during freeze/thaw
  • Resist moisture infiltration and improve surface drainage
  • Repel water (not be soluble in water)
  • Remain adhered to aggregate particles in wet conditions and exhibit very limited leaching

Ultimately, an EK35 stabilized runway provides year-round aircraft accessibility by eliminating seasonal soft spots, harmful moisture infiltration, and freeze/thaw damage. This is critical to northern regions that are constantly combatting the effects of climate change and experiencing less “frozen” months.


 Image of the finished surface after application of EK35

Key Attributes of EK35

  • Chemical Bonding to Aggregate creates an irreversible bond to aggregate to increase longevity. This ensures the EK35 and aggregate matrix remains tethered and cannot be removed or displaced by water and freeze/thaw.
  • Adhesion and Cohesion Properties increases interparticle aggregate locking and friction resulting in higher bearing strength and a stabilized bound surface.
  • Unique Densification allows ongoing and continuous tightening when exposed to compaction and traffic.
  • Continuously Active allows the surface to be trafficked immediately after application and reworked as needed.
  • Water Repellant Properties reduce moisture infiltration into underlying layers helping to prevent weakening of the base.
  • Non-Aqueous Chemistry allows for EK35 to be stored in temperatures down to -70oF and applied in near-freezing temperatures.
  • Environmentally Friendly Chemistry ensures that EK35 contains no VOCs, SVOCs, pesticides, herbicides, PAHs and TCLP elements above allowed regulatory levels.