Bunker Seal System

Prevent Coal Bunker Fires

Bunker Seal, an effective, reliable air-blocking system, is the antidote to the oxidation and moisture that leads to spontaneous combustion in coal bunkers, a serious danger to a power plant, its employees, and the value of the stored coal.

Coal Bunker Fire Prevention

Bunker Seal uses a manual spray nozzle and an air-powered pump mounted on a handcart to apply Soil-Sement®, a proven, gentle-on-the-environment polymer emulsion that seals the top of coal in bunkers to minimize oxidation, prevent spontaneous combustion and explosions.

You can breathe easier knowing that when you choose Midwest’s Bunker Seal System, you will eliminate oxidation that can lead to spontaneous combustion, a major safety threat, and extended plant downtime. Contact Midwest for the leading coal bunker fire protection product on the market.

Coal Bunker Fire Protection Bunker Seal Midwest Industrial Supply
25% of All Domestic Coal is Sealed with Soil-Sement

The Soil Sement® family of powerful nanotechnology binders is the #1 choice for coal sealing in America. An accumulation of 40 years of focused research and development by Midwest, Soil Sement represents one-of-a-kind polymer chemistry manufactured to rigid quality standards and with vigorous independent third party testing for performance and quality assessment. This is all part of Midwest’s commitment to user safety, environmental soundness, performance as advertised and a promise of competence, quality and reliability.

Soil-Sement has been tested and verified by Simpson Weather Associates Laboratory for weatherability; BNSF for corrosion, safety, and performance; and Southern Company for burnability.

Bunker Seal System Benefits:

  • Eliminates air and moisture penetration
  • Slows coal deterioration that can reduce BTU value
  • Does not affect the BTU of coal and has no VOCs
  • Costs less than nitrogen injections
  • Is the fastest means of response to unplanned shutdowns