Cobra Winter Spray Systems

Conveyor Belt Anti-icing / Deicing

Midwest’s line of Cobra anti-icing and deicing spray systems for our line of anti-icing and deicing agents includes models that can be preprogrammed to turn themselves on and off at pre-set intervals, turned on manually with an automatic turn-off, or turned on and off manually. Brought to you by the leader in innovation and technology since 1975.

Conveyor Belt Anti-icing / Deicing

Midwest’s Cobra System keeps your conveyor belts for coal and material handling operations moving all winter long, no matter how cold it gets. When others struggle with winter production because of freezing conveyor belts, keep your product moving, affordably and without wasting labor.

Midwest’s Cobra System is easy to set up, takes no extra parts and efficiently keeps your conveyors moving by preventing ice buildup. Everything is included, from the spray manifold to the plumbing. There are three settings:

  • Auto-Spray System: completely automated. Just set the timer and it will spray the top cover, bottom cover or both simultaneously, then turn off by itself, ready for the next pre-programmed spraying cycle.
  • “Press and Go” Spray System: just press “start” and walk away. The system will shut off by itself after the pre-set time.
  • Manual Spray System: entirely manual, if that better fits your operations.

Whichever you choose, it will save you manpower, eliminate the need for a gravity-fed system that is left on or does not regulate product output, make salamanders that can create safety issues unnecessary and cut excess product consumption throughout severe weather and storms.

Conveyor Belt Anti Icing Deicing Cobra Winter Spray Systems Conveyor Belt Anti Icing Deicing Cobra Winter Spray System
Cobra Winter Spray System Features

The Right Fit to Keep Your Winter Operations in Production

Cobra Winter Spray System conveyor belt anti-icing / deicing systems feature:

  • Quick return on investment – eliminates wasted anti-icing product and keeps up current production rates
  • Reduces hazardous conditions – makes salamanders, that can create safety issues, unnecessary while keeping material from slipping off the belt
  • Increases material production – allows production to continue at the same rate all through the winter
  • Reduces manpower needs – saves time and money
  • Installs easily and has minimal servicing needs – gets rid of hassle
  • Has controllable spray output – eliminates wasted product, saving money over time
  • Is complete with spray duration and frequency guidelines – requires no guesswork to get the desired results