Liquid Ice-Mlt®

Conveyor Belt Anti-icing/Deicing Agent

Our most economical option to prevent ice and snow buildup on conveyor belts, Liquid Ice-Mlt, will keep your production lines moving all winter long, no matter how harsh the weather.

Prevent Expensive Production Delays, Affordably

Liquid Ice-Mlt is a multi-component liquid conveyor belt anti-icing/deicing agent made of diethylene glycol, chlorides and other proprietary ingredients. These ingredients work to prevent ice buildup on conveyor belts, or to melt ice that has already formed. 

When as much as 50% of conveyor belt systems are outside, it’s no wonder that severe winter weather can dramatically affect production. Snow builds up on belts. Moisture from coal freezes in place. Slick conditions cause coal to slide backwards on belts. And belts stop running – or even worse, tear or burn motors out from trying to run while frozen in place.

Production delays during peak demand are the last things you want. The conventional approach is deicing fluid. Applied after ice and snow has built up, this method takes time to melt the ice and requires significant volumes of fluid.

Midwest has a range of other anti-icing products, but Liquid Ice-Mlt is our most economical option for those on a limited budget or who want to see the results that Midwest’s approach can get before upgrading to our premium options.

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Liquid Ice-Mlt Features and Benefits

The Simplest Way to Keep Coal Moving – Up the Belt, Instead of Down

Midwest thinks about the problem differently. While Liquid Ice-Mlt can be used effectively as a deicing agent, it finds its place as an anti-icing agent. Used preventatively, it keeps ice from forming or snow from accumulating in the first place. This saves time (no waiting) and product (Liquid Ice-Mlt only takes one-third of the fluid volume to prevent ice buildup that standard deicers take to melt ice).

Liquid Ice-Mlt keeps your production line moving with the following features:

  • Prevents snow and ice from building up on conveyor belts
  • Melts existing snow and ice from the surface of conveyor belts
  • Works in temperatures down to -40º F
  • Can be applied on tops and bottoms of belts, trough idlers and tail pulleys
  • Made with diethylene glycol, which is not considered a Hazardous Air Pollutant under the Clean Air Act
  • Can be stored outdoors and does not require expensive heaters
  • Non-flammable, non-combustible