Power Treator

A Rugged Spray Applicator for Applying Lubricants and Anti-icers

Specifically designed for more efficient spraying of higher viscosity lubricants and anti-icing fluids fluids, Midwest’s industrial Power Treator sprayer allows faster application to switches and yard utility vehicles. The Power Treator increases productivity, requires fewer refills than other sprayers, and reduces the risk of fatigue and injury for those using it. Its adjustable pressure setting allows you to control application rate.

Power Treator for High Viscosity Lubricants and Anti-Icing Fluids

Power Treator Benefits:

  • More efficient applications for both lubricants and anti-icing materials
  • Faster reaction time when weather turns
  • Designed for use in high railers or yard utility vehicles
  • Dual use pump designed for spraying switches and filling of reservoir
  • Specifically designed for higher viscosity fluids

Power Treator Features:

  • Bypass assembly and pressure relief for continuous operation while treating switches
  • Dual-use pump for spraying switches and filling reservoir
  • Large 30 gallon reservoir
  • Heavy duty 75-foot retractable application hose and reel

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