Soil Sement EU (Enhanced Usability)

The Best Road Stabilization for the Harshest Conditions

Soil Sement EU (Enhanced Usability) is an environmentally safe additive that is used in conjunction with Soil Sement Engineered Formula as a two-part stabilization system. SSEU is used to accelerate the curing process of Soil Sement Engineered Formula, increase the bearing capacity of marginal soils and enable a faster return to service and usability of the road, runway or other unpaved area. It is effective within limited time constraints and when conditions include freezing temperatures or excessive moisture content.

Uses Advanced Chemistry to Build and Stabilize Stronger, Longer-lasting, Environmentally Friendly Roads

How It Works

SSEU undergoes a rapid exothermic reaction during installation that enables the Soil Sement Engineered Formula treated material to cure within 6-24 hours after the installation is completed. The rapid heat release produced by the SSEU allows for Soil Sement Engineered Formula to be installed in freezing temperatures and soils with high moisture contents – which otherwise would prevent the use and curing of Soil Sement Engineered Formula.

SSEU is compatible for use with any of Midwest’s Soil Sement Engineered Formulas or Eco-Pave line of products and can be installed in the subgrade, base or surface course depending on the specific needs and goals of the project.


This two-part system is specifically designed for projects that require stabilization in extreme environments and extraordinary construction conditions in which other stabilization methods would not suffice.

SSEU is the ideal solution when:

  • Stabilization is required in sub-freezing temperatures or when temperatures are not expected to maintain 40oF for several days after the installation
  • In situ material is saturated or has elevated moisture levels that would typically prohibit the use of Soil Sement Engineered Formula
  • In situ stabilization is required using marginal soils
  • Rapid strength improvements are required
  • Extreme compressive strength is required
  • The constructed surface must be fully operable within 24 hours after installation
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Extreme Results for Extreme Environments

Soil Sement Enhanced Usability Accelerates the Curing Process When Used Together With Soil Sement Engineered Formula

Allows the use of Soil Sement EF in undesirable construction conditions.
Allows Soil Sement Engineered Formula to work in freezing conditions down to -10oC or in soil with high moisture content.
Cures the road, runway or other unpaved area in only 6-24 hours.
Facilitates the curing of Soil Sement Engineered Formula to enable the road, runway or other unpaved area to be stabilized in challenging locations.
Increases compressive strength of marginal soils.
Allows the use of fine silts and sands where gravel isn’t available.
Allows the use of local soils and materials in remote areas.
Eliminates the need to bring expensive outside aggregate in to get the job done.
Saves money on maintenance and rebuilding costs.
Reduces labor and truck costs to lengthening the service life of the installation.
Environmentally safe.
Like all Midwest products, is backed by a range of 3rd party tests and certifications, certifying its environmental safety.