Midwest’s Guided Self Apply® Dust Control Program® helps industries of all types and facilities of all sizes defeat the damage associated with fugitive dust.

Reduce dust by 85% or more. You decide the level of dust control.

DIY Dust Control:
You Can Do It Yourself, But You Are Not On Your Own

Midwest’s Guided Self Apply dust control program is the perfect solution to achieve your needed level of dust control. Your team will have the support of Midwest’s 45 years of science-based knowledge and experience. We work together, over time, to co-design your program for proper dust suppressant volume and application frequency, to ensure a successful program. Your Guided Self Apply dust control program delivers the best possible total results. The Midwest Guided Self Apply program uses patented EnviroKleen liquid dust suppressant, our custom Portable 1500 Application System and complete initial and ongoing training for your team by Midwest.


  • Program design & technical support included

  • Convert your pick-up into application equipment

  • On demand dust control when & where needed

  • EnviroKleen applies neat (requires no water)

  • Colorless and odorless - clean

  • Works with all types of soiles and aggregates

  • Will not track or stick to vehicles - no mess

  • Environmentally safe; non-corrosive, non-hazardous

Midwest Thinks Program

Midwest guides you at every step with our Guided Self Apply® Dust Control Program.

This program is called “Guided” Self Apply because Midwest provides the science-based work practices and methodology, the patented EnviroKleen and Custom 1500 Portable Sprayer for application, and thorough personnel training and ongoing support.

Midwest will deliver on your goals and expectations, by helping you achieve the desired results for exactly the price that was agreed upon at the outset.

1500 Portable Sprayer
Self Apply Dust Control Custom 1500 Portable Sprayer with EnviroKleen Midwest

E-Sprayer Systems Overview

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EnviroKleen Overview

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