Dust Buster® Foam Agents

Industrial Dust Suppression Agent

Dust-Buster is Midwest’s family of industrial dust control foaming agents. The foaming agents mix with water to suppress concrete, cement, coal and aggregate dust across a range of industrial applications to keep your material handling operations running smoothly.

The Answer to Airborne Dust on Your Material Handling Lines

Airborne dust is more than an irritant; it harms the environment, presents a safety hazard to employees, clogs up machinery (thereby slowing down operations) and is costly and time-consuming to suppress.

Until now. Midwest’s Dust-Buster family of products are designed to trap dust particles that water misses, keeping them in place. Water alone does a poor job of suppressing dust, because its high surface tension makes it inefficient at penetrating and coating dust particles. Our foam agents are designed to have a low surface tension, allowing them to easily capture particulate matter before they become airborne. 

Most other generic dust suppressant solutions on the market require application at the point source, meaning separate conventional systems are needed at each dust-producing operation. This raises your costs. Our foaming agents, however, are injected directly at transfer, process point, stack-out or reclaim areas, and have a residual effect throughout downstream operations. This provides a cost-saving benefit to you.

Dust-Buster foaming agents reduce dust by 85% and water usage by over 90%. They are effective at reducing dust occurrence during loading, unloading, belt conveying and transferring, stack-out reclaim, crushing and at other critical locations. On top of making operations safer and cleaner, Dust-Buster foaming agents also protect moving parts on conveyor belts from exposure to abrasive dust particles – all saving you maintenance costs.

Dust-Buster Spray System Features and Benefits

Reduce Dust and Excess Water from Your Material Handling Operations

Dust-Buster keeps your production and material handling lines moving with the following features:

  • Reduces dust emissions by up to 85%
  • Does not release dust downstream
  • Requires a small fraction of water compared to using water alone (90% less)
  • Works well with all types of water
  • Environmentally safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-hazardous
  • VOC- and solvent-free
  • Easily diluted

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