E-Sprayer® Systems

The Easiest DIY Way to Apply Dust Control Solutions

Midwest’s E-Sprayer® family of dust-control spray systems were designed for easy, accurate application of EnviroKleen®, EK35® and Earth Armour®, Midwest’s synthetic, organic environmentally-sound dust control agents.

Cut Labor Costs and Hassle – Turn Your Dust Control Program into a One-Person Job!

The first of its kind, Midwest’s E-Sprayer is the only system designed specifically for applying Midwest's EK35, EnviroKleen and EarthArmour.

Midwest’s engineers and application technicians have decades of combined experience working in the worst dust conditions on the planet. They understand the challenges of properly applying dust control products: that poor application can limit the effectiveness of a good product. Based on this deep expertise, Midwest developed the E-Sprayer System.

You won’t get the job done faster or easier as you will with the E-Sprayer System.

E-Sprayer System Application Midwest Industrial Supply E-Sprayer System Mounted Midwest Industrial Supply
E-Sprayer System Features

Mobile and Versatile – Take It Anywhere, for Any Application Environment. It's even airplane transportable!

You can haul the E-Sprayer system on any light duty truck, from an F-150 to a flatbed 1-ton trailer. No special vehicles required. All it takes to run this is hooking up a couple of hoses and turning a few valves. You can have it set up in minutes and control the flow of product right from the cab of the truck. The system draws product from a tote. The spray bar itself has attachments to lengthen it, allowing you to cover up to 8’ with one pass. And, when you run out of product, just hook the transfer hose up to a new tote of product and pump it straight into the holding tank on your truck. No need to move anything around or spend a lot of time wrestling with equipment. Additionally, consider these features:

  • Easy to use, fill and dispense unit – you don’t need a specialist to achieve proper application
  • Rugged construction – will hold up to day-to-day abuse
  • Universal application – spray with 8’ spray bar
  • 4.7 hp Diesel/JP8 fuel electric start engine and Gorman-Rupp pump
  • Lightweight yet durable – easy to handle and adaptable to any vehicle you already have to haul it with
  • Modular design – for reliability and easy servicing
  • Completely self-contained – no other tools or equipment needed to patch together to get results
  • Self-transfer capability (50 gal/min) – refilling for another pass takes less than 10 minutes!
  • 12-volt electrical system
  • Instant on/off from in-cab controls – easy to get the exact results you’re looking for, without wasting any product
  • Flow control with throttle and/or motorized regulator