Dust Buster® Sprayer Systems

A Sprayer System Specifically for Industrial Dust Control Applications

The Dust-Buster Spray System was designed by Midwest to apply our family of industrial dust control foaming agents. This application system is part of Midwest’s total dust control program for industrial applications.

The Answer to Airborne Dust on Your Material Handling Lines

Airborne dust is more than an irritant; it harms the environment, presents a safety hazard to employees, clogs up machinery (thereby slowing down operations) and is costly and time-consuming to suppress. 

To confront this challenge, Midwest developed an entire dust control management program specifically catered to industrial material handling operations. This program entails an initial site survey, a consultation with recommendations as to the right product and volume for your specific needs, a spraying system designed specifically for this application (along with installation of the system), our proprietary foam dust control agent, training (so your team can run the equipment seamlessly), ongoing service and performance testing.

This whole program is designed to help you beat dust in the most effective, affordable way possible. One way it does that is through the sprayer system.

Dust Buster Spray System Midwest Industrial

Better Than Conventional Techniques

Conventional dust control techniques require a separate application system at every dust-producing operation.

In contrast, our sprayer system injects our foaming agents directly at the transfer, process point, stack-out or reclaim areas. Because of the residual effects on downstream operations that these agents have, the need for only a single installed unit saves you money.

The effect of the unit, combined with one of our foam agents, is to reduce both respirable dust and water usage by up to 90%. This prevents a buildup of abrasive dust that can damage conveyor belts as well as of airborne dust that causes environmental and safety hazards.

The sprayer system comes in different sizes and can be purchased as an off-the-shelf unit or customized to match your site-specific requirements. The unit is low-maintenance and designed for continuous duty in the harshest conditions. 

Dust-Buster Spray System Features and Benefits

Reduce Dust and Excess Water from Your Material Handling Operations

The Dust-Buster Spray System keeps your production and material handling lines moving with the following features:

  • Reduces dust emissions by up to 90%
  • Does not release dust downstream
  • Reduces water usage by up to 90%
  • Alleviates respiratory issues caused by poor air quality
  • Customizable to meet the needs of specific operations
  • Motors designed for manual or automatic on/off

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