Ice Free Conveyor®

Conveyor Belt Anti-icing/Deicing Agent

Ice Free Conveyor® is Midwest’s original anti-icing agent for conveyor belts. Over the years, we’ve constantly improved it based on customer feedback, making it the most advanced ice-fighting formula on the market.

Conveyor Belt Anti-icing / Deicing

Ice Free Conveyor is a multi-component, glycol-based anti-icing agent that will keep your production lines moving like no other product on the market. Designed for the most extreme conditions, it has a longer-lasting affect and works at a colder temperature than any other product. It keeps coal and other material moving, even when facing:

  • Extremely wet coal
  • Extreme cold (down to -70º F!)
  • Extreme precipitation
  • Extreme angle of belts
  • Extremely old, hardened or weathered belts

Other approaches to managing cold temperatures and harsh precipitation stop working or begin to lose effectiveness as soon as temps drop to between 0º and -10º F – making them barely suitable for a mild winter in the north!

In addition, temps that fall below 20º F result in belt hardening, which only worsens the colder it gets. Hardening causes material to backslide – creating more delays. Unlike other options, Ice Free Conveyor actually creates belt friction, allowing your products to continue moving UP the belt instead of down.

Ice Free Conveyor also prevents or minimizes fines carry-back and build-up on belts, idlers and pulleys that can clog systems, causing belts to tear and motors to overheat. This not only prevents delays but also saves you costly repairs and maintenance.

Ice Free Conveyor can be applied to tops and bottoms of conveyor belts as well as to trough idlers and tail pulleys. When applied prior to shutdown it prevents ice glazing and ice and snow buildup. If applied at start-up or during operation, it speeds the removal of ice and prevents further buildup.

And it does all of this while using less product than other options: because it only requires an application rate of one gallon per minute per single complete revolution, there are less over-sprays and puddles of wasted product.

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Ice Free Conveyor Midwest Industrial
Ice Free Conveyor Features and Benefits

The Extreme Anti-Icer for Extreme Weather Conditions

Ice Free Conveyor keeps your production line moving with the following features:

  • Effective in temperatures well below any other product – down to -70º F
  • Longest-lasting effects
  • Efficient usage to save money – reduces over-spraying and puddles
  • Creates friction even on old, hardened, weathered or steeply-angled belts to eliminate material backsliding and reduce the need for expensive renovations as projects age
  • Biodegradable
  • Nontoxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive
  • Perfected over years of testing in real-world environments

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