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Dust Control

Midwest's gravel runway dust control program offers an environmentally friendly, Boeing-approved dust suppressant for gravel runways. The product – Earth Armour – is topically applied to a prepared or existing runway surface between maintenance work to provide effective and economical dust suppression. Earth Armour does not undergo a curing process and works by agglomerating the fine particles together until they cannot be lofted into the air as dust emissions – similar to water, without evaporating or deteriorating the surface. This creates a re-workable surface that is easily maintained and graded as needed.

Unlike other dust suppressants on the market, Earth Armour does not require dilution or agitation during the application process. Earth Armour can be stored and applied in the sub freezing conditions – making it a perfect solution for runways in northern Canada and Alaska.

This solution is ideal for existing runways operating smaller aircrafts that are looking for an economical dust control option with very few additional benefits.


Performance Benefits

Technology and Innovation at Work

  • Eliminates dust emissions
  • Eliminates watering
  • Reworkable surface that can be graded, profiled and compacted
  • Provides temporary reduction in runway maintenance
  • Superior penetration

Earth Armour

Earth Armour is an environmentally friendly, non-corrosive fluid that works to agglomerate the fine silt or clay particles making them larger so they cannot become airborne. Earth Armour’s chemistry allows the product to penetrate even the densest surfaces. It is applied topically to the surface neat (undiluted) and is a great dust control option for cold regions given its capability to be stored and applied in low temperatures. Due to its constantly active properties, treated surfaces can be graded and compacted with minimal loss in effectiveness.

Once applied, Earth Armour penetrates the surface, coating and agglomerating all soil particles. As the soil is conditioned with Earth Armour you will notice a darker, almost wet look that exist immediately upon application. Over the period of a week or two the surface will change to a lighter, dryer look. It is this process of visible change that you know Earth Amrour is working its way through and into all particles. Once the particles are agglomerated, they are too large to be suspended in the air in the form of dust emissions.

Earth Armour Runway Dust Control Midwest

Key Attributes of Earth Armour

  • Cohesion Properties agglomerate fine soil particles to create larger particles that cannot become airborne as dust emissions.
  • Unique Densification allows ongoing and continuous tightening when exposed to compaction and traffic.
  • Continuously Active allows the surface to be trafficked immediately after application and reworked as needed.
  • Non-Aqueous Chemistry allows for Earth Armour to be stored in temperatures down to -70oF and applied in near-freezing temperatures.
  • Environmentally Friendly Chemistry ensures that Earth Armour contains no VOCs, SVOCs, pesticides, herbicides, PAHs and TCLP elements above allowed regulatory levels.
Earth Armour Certifications, SDS, Brochure, and Environmental Package